Trapping like you've never seen before with iTR

Excellent management and data collection trapping tool. Save trap location, managing your reports and all data collecting in the same app.

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  • Very easy to use

    Simple app with an intuitive interface, friendly and easy to use.

  • Manage and edit

    Save trap location, managing your reports and all data collecting in the same app.

  • Offline feature

    Internet it's not needed to use. Keep in touch with your information inmediately.

  • Notify and control

    Notify new traps, catches, make reports up of your trapping lines.

More features

Email notifications

Build your own emails with notifications of catches, or relevant evenements on your trapping lines.


Synchronizing all your data between your devices, we don't care among iOS or Android.

Generate PDF reports

Generate pdf reports with all the information in your trapline; traps, checkings, current mode, catches, etc.

Data stored in cloud

iTR save all your report in a cloud and you can restore them whenever you need. Completely safe.

Work groups

iTR offers to you the posibility to work in working groups and collaborating with others trappers in a common goal.

Phone coverless?

Save all your work without phone coverage and internet connection, inside each one of your devices.

Managing your Working Group

Would you like to manage a trapping group?
Would you be interested to study, manage or supervise any working project?
Profit your personal team and profit tehcnologies to carry out that kind of work.

Invite users

Send invitations to acces to your working group.

Analyze in real time

Studies and analyzes the busiest areas.

Observe all details

Watch all traps and catche's pictures throughout your laptop.

Create your group reports

Export data in Excel and PDF formats.

Analyze trends

Study, optimizes, limits the areas with more catches.


You will be able to organise all your personal team.

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